Corporate Manners

November 9, 2010

Welcome to Corporate Manners!

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My goal in creating this site is to help corporations learn what their customers love and hate about how they are being treated.  My idea is to be a “Miss Manners” (giving due credit to her for the inspiration)  for companies of all sizes.  No, there’s no real book to tell companies how to treat their customers, but their should be.  Most of them are absolutely ill mannered when it comes to dealing with customers.  Oh, I’m not talking about individual customer service representatives.  That’s a whole other issue.  What I’m going to deal with here are the truly disrespectful and absolutely ill-mannered policies and practices corporations have that make life difficult (a living Hell) for their customers.

I promise I will try not to rant.  But I will note unflinchingly what practices are simply inacceptable when it comes to how companies treat customers.  I also promise that I will try whenever possible to give constructive solutions.  And when I come upon a stellar example of excellent manners on the part of a company, I promise I’ll mention that as well

So, let’s begin . . .


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