Corporate Manners



  My name is Karen Grube. 

   Every time I pick up the phone to call a large corporation, I fell as though I’m entering battle.  I have to take a deep breath and pray that I won’t get upset when I’m told “Well, that’s just our policy”, “Leave a message,” or get stuck in some horrible IVR system.   I think we consumers deserve to be treated better than that. 

   I’ve spent the last 20+ years as a database software developer, but at the moment, I’m in the process of completing the Paralegal Certification program at UCSD.  I’m actually a third generation Californian, so I love living in San Diego.  I’m also a Christian, and that’s the most important part of who I am.  I love serving the Lord, and in a way, I look on what I’m doing here as a ministry. 

   I’ve always been someone who isn’t silent when others are being treated badly, and I’m incensed by this growing corporate rudeness!  What makes these companies think they can get away with treating their customers like this?  It angers me more than you can possibly imagine.   As a Christian,  I feel called to speak out about things like this.

   Here’s an example:  One day, I was shopping in Penney’s, and I asked a young clerk to help me.  I could tell she was in the middle of something, but asked her if she could please show me where to locate something in that area of the store.  Her supervisor came over and, right in front of me, read her the riot act for not doing what he had told her to do.  I excused myself, but a few minutes later walked into the store office and asked to speak to the manager. and asked him to call in that supervisor to discuss a problem I’d seen.  When the supervisor arrived, I explained that I was calling him into the office and speaking with him privately with his boss about a problem, and not out on the floor in front of all of the customers the way he did his employee a few minutes earlier.  He apologized, but I told him I wasn’t the one that needed the apology, but that he should apologize to the young clerk.  And if I EVER heard him raise his voice in that store again to anyone, I would see to it personally that he was fired, not out of anger, but out of concern for the other employees and the store’s reputation.

  To be clear, though, the point of this website isn’t to rant.  It’s really to propose changes to make things better, and to let companies know how their customers feel about some of the things they’re doing.  I hope it helps.



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